Grant McConnaughey
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Postpone v2024.8.1 released! X/Twitter polls support, new post scheduler improvements, and bug fixes.

AUTHOR: Grant McConnaughey

New Features

  • X/Twitter Polls - Schedule polls on your Tweets.

    • Simply click the new Polls action button while scheduling Tweets to create a Poll.

Post Scheduler Improvements

  • Improved the design of the import buttons and account selectors on the new post scheduler.

  • Made the entire left gutter of the post scheduler fields trigger displaying the sync button.

  • Improved Threads post preview by rendering URLs as clickable links.

  • Changed syncing so that images and GIFs are not synced to YouTube Shorts media.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where copying a post from the Dashboard then editing the post would result in the old post being edited, not the new post.

  • Fixed an issue where galleries were not saved on Facebook posts.

  • Fixed an issue where the import buttons were not displayed.

  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to create Reddit posts from the Content Library anymore.

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