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Postpone v2024.7.3 released! New account protection features, improved content usage tracking, and loads of bug fixes.

AUTHOR: Grant McConnaughey

Happy Monday, everyone! And long time, no see.

It's been a few weeks since our last changelog, however we've still been hard at work during that time. Today's update includes all sorts of improvements to protect your Reddit accounts, help you track which content you've used on social media, and a lot more.

There are also two major new features we've been hard at work on. We'll have a lot more to say about those in the next few weeks...

Until then, please enjoy today's updates. Cheers!


Account Protection Improvements

Postpone's top priority is to protect user's accounts. So in this update we've included several changes to help protect your Reddit account and avoid shadowbans and suspensions.

  • Provided Fresh Links to all paid accounts.

    • Fresh Links is shown to reduce the chance of an account being shadowbanned, so we want everyone to have access to this feature.

  • Create a Reddit Post now warns users when using the same title on more than 5 posts.

    • Using the same title on 6 or more posts increases the chance of shadowban by 2x.

  • Create a Reddit Post now warns users when scheduling posts within 15 minutes of each other.

    • Submitting posts too often, especially when those posts have the same content or title, increases the chances of being shadowbanned.

    • We recommend spacing out all posts by at least 15-20 minutes and submitting no more than 20 posts per day.

  • Warn users and provide helpful tips when connecting accounts that are at a higher risk of being shadowbanned.

    • Accounts that are at a higher risk of shadow ban are created within the last 60 days, have <100 link karma, have <500 comment karma, or do not have a verified email on Reddit.

  • Switched default proxies from residential to mobile for newly connected Reddit accounts.

Improved Content Usage Tracking

It's important to know which images, videos, or GIFs have been submitted to each social platform. So in this update we made several improvements to accurately display which content has been submitted to which platforms, plus we made it faster to find unused content.

  • Added an Unused media filter to the Content Library picker for all non-Reddit platforms, too.

    • This makes it much faster to find images, videos, and GIFs that you have not yet submitted on a specific platform.

  • Improved the Unused filter in the Content Library so that the users can pick the platforms where the media is unused.

  • Improved the performance of loading media platform counts.

  • Added media counts and platforms stats for Facebook posts.

  • Fixed the label that shows "x scheduled, y submitted" under thumbnails in the Content Library Picker so that they show the counts for the current platform only.

  • Fixed Content Library platform stats so that Trashed Posts are not counted.

Other Improvements

  • Added the ability to refresh a subreddit and its flair from Reddit.

    • This is useful to fix issues where Postpone hasn't refreshed incorrectly information about a subreddit yet, such as that subreddit's flair, ban status, or subscriber count.

    • Simply go to the Subreddit Manager and click Actions, then click Refresh from Reddit.

  • Increased the quality of images in post previews to better reflect what they will look like when submitted.

  • Subreddit filtering now supports including the r/ or /r/ prefix on the Dashboard, History, and Analytics pages.

  • Added support for subscribing to custom plans with optional trials.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue validating link repost age during Reddit bulk import.

  • Fixed an issue including complex links in Facebook Page posts.

  • Fixed an issue submitting Bluesky posts with 300 characters.

  • Fixed an issue Bulk Importing Bluesky and TikTok posts.

  • Fixed an issue displaying image galleries when editing Reddit posts with multiple images.

  • Fixed an issue filtering submitted Reddit posts by a subreddit with a capital letter.

  • Fixed an issue where Postpone would error while handling invalid recommendation values (e.g. best_tomorow) during Bulk Import.

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