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Postpone v2024.6.4 released! Performance report emails, Client Manager for Agencies, and fixes!

AUTHOR: Grant McConnaughey

New Features

  • Performance Reports - An optional weekly or monthly email showing the performance of your accounts or posts (paid accounts only).

    • Performance reports show you which accounts are growing the fastest, which posts were most successful, plus Postpone's recent updates and blog posts.

    • To disable performance reports, simply head to Settings > Notifications and toggle them off.

  • Client Manager for Agencies - Assign social accounts to your clients to enable new workflows and filters (Ultimate plan and up).

    • The Client Manager is an all new feature for Agencies to more easily work with one client at a time. To add your clients and assign accounts, first head to Settings > Clients.

      • From here you can add each client and assign social accounts to them.

    • You will now have the ability to filter scheduled and submitted posts by client on the Dashboard and History pages.

    • Do you have teammates that work with specific clients? If so, assign the Clients to your teammates in Postpone. Only the assigned clients' social accounts will be available for your teammates to work with.


  • Added the ability to remove a subreddit from the Subreddit Manager on subreddit detail page.

  • Made it possible to open more links in a new tab throughout Postpone.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue importing Reddit posts that did not have the link/image field filled out.

  • Fixed an issue where the Reddit Bulk Import table was not horizontally scrollable.

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