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Postpone v2024.6.2 released! Fully customize AI Assistant, generate unique Reddit titles, Mastodon language support, and more!

AUTHOR: Grant McConnaughey

Happy Monday! We have a brand new Postpone update for you to kick off the week.

In today's update we made even more massive improvements to AI Assistant: faster and better AI models, AI Assistant customization support, and new AI Assistant features to speed up your workflows.

If you'd like to provide feedback on new features then check out Postpone's Ideas page. From here you can vote on feature ideas or submit new ones. We prioritize features with the most votes, so make your voice heard! It will make a difference.

Now, on to today's update!

New Features

  • Customize your AI Assistant - Tell AI Assistant exactly what kind of results fit your voice and brand.

    • You can now customize your AI Assistant for each social platform you use! Tell AI Assistant which tone of voice to use, whether to use emojis and hashtags, and even give specific instructions.

    • The following options are now available to customize AI Assistant:

      • Tone - Choose from 12 pre-defined tones, like Casual, Funny, Inspirational, and more. AI Assistant will generate results that match your selected tone.

      • Use Emojis/Use Hashtags - Tell AI Assistant whether it should include emojis or hashtags in the posts and titles it generates.

      • How would you like AI Assistant to respond? - Tell AI Assistant exactly what kind of format you prefer. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas:

        • "Write in the first person." - AI Assistant will generate titles and captions in the first person.

        • "Never use more than one emoji." - Control the number of emojis AI Assistant uses in its responses.

        • "Don't use exclamation marks." - Tell AI Assistant to chill a bit.

        • "Respond like a pirate." - Avast! AI Assistant will sound like a pirate, matey!

    • To customize AI Assistant, simply open the AI Assistant and click the Cog icon.

  • Apply generated Reddit titles to your post - No more submitting duplicate post titles.

    • Reddit's algorithms will potentially penalize accounts that use the same title for multiple posts. Our new feature helps.

    • You can now generate multiple titles using AI Assistant, pick your favorites, then apply them to all subreddits on your post. Here's how:

      • Head to Create a Reddit Post and add all of the subreddits you'd like to submit to.

      • Go back up to the Title input and generate some title ideas.

      • Pin your favorite titles.

      • Click Apply Titles to Post. Postpone will assign each of your pinned titles to the subreddits you are submitting to.


  • Added language support to Mastodon posts.

  • Upgraded the AI models that Postpone uses, which should mean both faster and better results.

  • Added the ability to view previous Reddit AI Assistant results after the AI Assistant has been closed.

  • Added validation to ensure Instagram captions do not have more than 30 hashtags.

  • Added the ability to view all possible generated titles for Reddit post titles using spintax. Simply click the green Spintax detected button while scheduling.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where subreddit recommendations were not loading on the subreddit detail page in the Subreddit Manager.

  • Fixed an issue where copying titles from the Reddit post title generator page would fail.

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