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Postpone v2024.6.1 released! AI Assistant improvements, Mastodon auto-removal, bug fixes, and more!

AUTHOR: Grant McConnaughey

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We have a fresh update for you all, with great new AI Assistant features, improvements to Mastodon, YouTube Shorts, and Bluesky, and lots of bug fixes.

As always, the best way to influence the features we work on is to reach out to us and provide feedback via the support chat. We prioritize our roadmap based on the customer feedback we receive, so don't hesitate to provide your feedback there!

Now, onto today's update.

New Features

  • AI Assistant Retry - Not all AI Assistant titles will be keepers. The new retry button gives you quick access to get a fresh batch of Reddit post titles

  • Pin generated Reddit titles - The AI Assistant for Reddit post titles now supports pinning your favorite titles to the top. These titles will not be removed when you retry and generate new ones.


  • Added post auto-removal support to Mastodon.

  • Added the ability to remove submitted YouTube Shorts from History.

  • Added quick filters to subreddits and accounts on the Reddit Dashboard list.

  • Added the ability to filter Dashboard posts by a specific date range.

  • Added dedicated AI generator landing pages and tools.

  • Links in Bluesky posts now count as 36 characters maximum, just like on Bluesky.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where posts that were "submitted now" were counted against the limits in the month they were originally scheduled, not submitted.

  • Fixed an issue where Reddit posts that are submitted now are displayed on the Dashboard Calendar on the date they were originally scheduled.

  • Fixed a bug where not yet enabled platforms were visible from Getting Started.

  • Fixed connecting a social account via OAuth from Getting Started on iOS.

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