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Postpone v2024.6.0 released! Recurring auto-reposts, IP Proxy improvements, subreddit repost protection, Tumblr video support, and lots more.

AUTHOR: Grant McConnaughey

Hello everyone!

Grant from Postpone here with another great update chock full of new features and improvements. But first...

Postpone now has a Threads account! We're excited to bring Threads support to Postpone in June when the Threads API becomes available. Until then, follow our official @PostponeSocial Threads account for product updates.

Today's update helps protect your Reddit accounts, adds new repost features to X, Bluesky, and Mastodon, and has lots of other nice improvements and bug fixes.

Let's check it out!

New Features

  • Auto-repost v2 - Automate your engagement by auto-reposting on X/Twitter, Bluesky, and Mastodon.

    • Postpone now supports scheduling recurring auto-reposts, where your posts will be reposted daily for up to 14 days.

    • Postpone now supports scheduling auto-reposts across accounts.

  • IP Proxy improvements

    • Postpone now uses customer-provided IP Proxies for all Reddit requests, not just submitting posts, comments, or DMs.

      • This ensures that Reddit never sees Postpone's server IP address when retrieving content.

    • We also made improvements to help you know when we're having trouble connecting to your IP Proxies.

      • Postpone now sends account owners an email if we cannot connect to your proxy for more than 3 consecutive hours.

      • Settings > IP Proxies also now displays if we're having trouble connecting to a specific proxy.

  • Subreddit repost protection - Avoid accidental reposts on Reddit.

    • Postpone will warn you if you attempt to submit the same link, image, or video to the same subreddit twice within 6 months.

    • This feature can be disabled from Settings > Default Post Settings > Reddit.


  • Added the ability to include videos in Tumblr posts.

  • Added quick filters to subreddits and accounts on the Reddit History page.

  • Added the ability to create Tumblr posts from the Content Library.

  • Added the ability to quickly compose a Reddit DM from the Replies Inbox.

  • Added auto-repost support to Mastodon.

  • Added the ability to remove submitted Mastodon posts from History.

  • Duration is now displayed on videos in the Content Library.

  • Improved empty states for the Dashboard, History, and Analytics pages for users without a connected social account.

  • Improved connecting Mastodon accounts for users with multiple accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the IP Proxies table width when a proxy has a long auth username.

  • Fixed View More Analytics and View All Submitted Posts button in the Subreddit Manager.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented setting labels on Content Library files other than the first page.

  • Fixed an issue setting custom schedule times on mobile.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented uploading videos when creating an Instagram Reel if the Reel post type was selected first.

  • Fixed a bug where duplicated Tweets or Bluesky posts would not be auto-reposted.

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