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Postpone now supports Facebook Pages!

AUTHOR: Grant McConnaughey

Today we're excited to unveil Postpone's latest integration: Facebook Pages!

Facebook Pages is Facebook's tool for creators and businesses to engage with their audience. Creators and businesses can post updates, share links, images, videos, and more.

Our Facebook Pages integration has all of the great core features you're used to:

  1. Scheduler - Schedule your Facebook Pages posts, Reels, and Stories.

  2. Dashboard Calendar - Track your scheduled Facebook posts alongside your other social media posts.

  3. Analytics - See how your Facebook posts are performing and track your follower count over time.

  4. Hashtag Manager - Create and reuse sets of hashtags based on the posts you schedule.

  5. Custom Schedules - Give each Facebook Page a schedule, then each time you schedule a post Postpone will automatically pick the next day/time slot.

Getting Started with Facebook Pages

Starting today you can connect your Facebook Pages and schedule posts in Postpone.

To connect your Facebook Page...

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connected Accounts > Facebook.

  2. Click the Connect a Facebook Page button.

    1. You will be redirected to Facebook and asked to accept the permissions that Postpone requires to submit posts to your page.

  3. Accept the permissions and you will be sent back to Postpone with your Facebook Page(s) connected.

Now you're ready to schedule your Facebook Pages posts! Click the new Facebook Create a Post button in the top-left corner to schedule your Facebook posts. From there you can choose to schedule a Facebook post, Reel, or Story, plus add text, choose images, videos, and GIFs from the Content Library, or use the Hashtag Manager, then schedule your posts.

Does Postpone support scheduling posts to Facebook Profiles or Groups?

No, Postpone's integration supports Facebook Pages. Meta does not provide APIs (the tools Postpone would need) to submit posts to user Profiles nor to Groups.

What's Next?

Today's update continues our quest to become the all-in-one social media scheduling, analytics, and engagement platform built for content creators.

In fact, next month we plan to add one more Meta-related integration, but we'll say more about that soon...

We'd love your feedback on our Facebook Pages integration, so don't hesitate to provide it using the chat in the bottom-right corner of every page.

Also, be sure to follow Postpone's new Facebook Page for product updates and tips to get the most out of Postpone.

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