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New in Postpone: A redesigned Reddit scheduling experience and updated site navigation

AUTHOR: Grant McConnaughey

Hey everyone,

I'm thrilled to announce we just launched redesigns for our Reddit scheduler and our overall site navigation!

These changes make Postpone easier to navigate and simpler to use, all without removing any functionality. Here's what it looks like:

Are you interested in the nitpicky details of today's visual update? Then read on!

New Site Navigation

Say goodbye to our old top navigation and footer. Now, the sidebar houses everything you need to work within Postpone.

We also moved a few things around in the sidebar in order to prioritize the features folks use most. You'll now have quicker access to the Content Library, while on the flip side we demoted the the Help Center and Extras to our secondary navigation area.

Finally, we have an all-new user profile card, which displays your monthly post limits, plus gives you quick access to change dark mode or log out.

Redesigned Reddit scheduler

Our Reddit scheduler feature has grown a ton of capabilities over the last 4+ years, with additions like post time recommendations, AI Assistant, subreddit suggestions, and loads more.

Now it's time to simplify things. So today we're releasing a redesigned experience for creating Reddit posts.

The new experience will feel familiar to the previous experience, with some small but notable changes that make the page more scannable and faster to work with.

1) New Sections

The Create a Reddit Post page is now broken up into two sections:

  • What do you want to post?

  • Where do you want to post it?

These new sections make it easier for newcomers to understand the process of creating Reddit posts.

2) Redesigned Subreddit Cards

We redesigned the subreddit submission cards to make them much more compact, that way you can see more of your post at once.

Subreddit suggestions are also now constrained to a single line, reducing visual clutter. You can view all of our subreddit suggestions by clicking the "More Suggestions" button.

3) Improved Post Time Recommendations

Post time recommendations now live inside of the Date and Time pickers, which further helps to reduce clutter and visual noise.

Simply click the yellow sparkles icon to access Postpone's recommendations. The Date field has our recommendations for best days and times, and the Time field has our recommendations for the best time based on the selected date.

We also understand that some folks would prefer quick access to Postpone's subreddit post time recommendations. That's why we added the ability to pin your favorite recommendations to the page. Here's how you can pin your favorite recommendations:

  1. Click on the yellow sparkles icon.

  2. Hover over the recommendation you would like to pin.

  3. Click the Pin icon that appears.

After that, Postpone will display your pinned recommendations for each subreddit:

4) More Options, More Scannable

Finally, we simplified the "More Options" section for each subreddit, making it more scannable and easier to use. Title Override is also be far the most commonly used selection, so we moved it to the top.

That's All Folks

We hope you love today's updates! If you have any other feedback for us then there are a few ways to get in touch:

  1. Reach out via the Support Chat.

  2. Vote on features or provide feedback on our Ideas Page.

Until next time,


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